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Low-fire ceramics and wood-fired kilns

Jeps, that sums up my interest when it comes to ceramics:
More specifically wood firing, DIY homemade & entry kilns, historic ceramics & archeology, raw materials, low-fired glazes, and earthenware clay.

I do have a master of arts in ceramics, but left the field 20 years ago. I guess it makes me too well-educated to be an amateur, and too un-established to be a professional. Not what I once dreamt of I admit, but life happened, and, well the rest is history. Today, with a steady income elsewhere, I have the freedom to immerse myself in any part of the field that I like, and skip all the other things I just don’t; like serial production, exhibitions, constant money concerns, and so on.

What I do like is reading books, finding out & testing things, I like trial and error, and redoing things over and over til I get it right. I like the craft and the feel of it, I like wet terracotta, and practical low-level material experiments.

Wood Fire Ceramic .com

This website started as my personal notes: When I gathered my know-how on my C: drive, it just didn’t end up in an informative and elegant way. Since I’m also interested in WordPress, since I’m a hobby photographer, since I believe the human world is built by sharing know-how, it all ended up here as this webpage.

And that’s my only ambition as far as this webpage is concerned. Hope you found something you like, and if you did, please link back.

Vemund, Norway 2023. hello@woodfireceramics.com

I do hang around this wood-firing Facebook forum:

Facebook group - Wood Fired Pottery